Luciana Leite

Hi! (testing for GGRC)

*But* I am absolutely interested to suggest means of making GGRC more inclusive.
Ideas that come to mind: connect groups, associations and networks that focus on conservation work done by minority groups;
Pay special attention to issues of interseccionality (not sure how to write that in ENG) – for e.g. looking at gender + ethnicity; gender + sexual orientation; and so on;
Perhaps having a sociodemographic profile of projects already part of the GGRC could give you (and users) real time data on how inclusive GGRC is.

Forget about ‘tokenism’ (like making sure you have different profiles ‘represented’) and focus on fairness. How many initiatives are led by people of color? Women? Indigenous or traditional communities? In these cases, it’s not only about ticking a box but truly making sure the platform reflects the world outside.

Perhaps, in the future, have specific funding opportunities related to conservation work led by minority groups?
Well.. those pop in my mind now. But I can also give further consideration and thought and happy to discuss more in the future.

I really like how the EJF engage with local voices and communities to broadcast their stories and conservation issues/solutions to the world. You might wanna take a look at their website

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