Encouraging sustainable food production through organic farming in Fiji

Organic farming is growing in one of Fiji’s biggest province i.e. Rewa. Rewa is largely known as an agricultural place that is engaged in the cultivation of crops. Organic farming was first introduced in the province in 2015 by the Grace Road Food company Limited. The farmers were demonstrated how to carry out organic rice farming, they were trained and were also offered 10 percent of production profit in exchange for a piece of land that was used by the Grace road to carry out organic rice farming. The president of Grace Road Food Company Limited told the farmers that Rewa has fertile soil and the perfect conditions to support the rice farming industry and therefore they must take full advantage of this opportunity as nowadays it is rare to find fertile soil and right conditions to carry out farming.

Since then, organic farming has expanded in Rewa and has not been limited to only rice farming but also ginger, dalo, kava, turmeric and other crops. Organic farming has greatly helped the people of Rewa in many ways and some of this includes: saves cost from buying fertilizers and pesticides and is a healthier and sustainable choice of food production. Organic farming ensures that the biodiversity around us stays healthy and our waters do not get contaminated.

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