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Evelyn Brítez Navarro

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Brítez Navarro
Area of Expertise
Protected area management; ecosystem restoration; project management; M &E
Short Bio
I am a biodiversity conservation professional from Paraguay. I am interested in ecosystem restoration as an approach to preserve biodiversity and tackle the challenges posed by climate change. I started my conservation career in my home country, Paraguay, in 2014. Back then I volunteered for the Department of Protected Areas of the Ministry for the Environment and the local non-governmental organisation Guyra Paraguay. I became a staff member of Guyra Paraguay in 2014 and worked for the Sites Programme until 2020, while also collaborating with the Species Programme for mammal research in the Pantanal and Chaco regions. From 2016 to 2020 my work focus was the Atlantic Forest region. I managed projects to promote its conservation and restoration through different strategies, being agroforestry with shade-grown Yerba Mate one of the main ones. I hold a bachelor´s degree in Environmental Engineering and a Master´s Degree in Conservation Leadership, which I completed in 2021. For my master´s degree dissertation I explored how mindfulness could help conservationists improve their leadership, well-being and performance considering the high demands of our job. I have a passion for supporting people to keep their well-being while preserving nature, using my creativity for strategic planning and working together with multiple stakeholders to address conservation challenges.
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