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Roberta Kamille Pennell

Kamille Pennell currently works for Wildlife Conservation Society (Belize) as the Terrestrial Coordinator, responsible for the implementation of the organisation’s terrestrial components of Belize’s conservation strategy, ensuring thriving wildlife, wild places and healthy and productive ecosystems. Prior to this, she held the post of CITES Coordinator at WCS and was responsible for building communication, administrative structures and capacity to effectively deliver on Belize’s commitments as a signatory to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Earlier in her career, she worked at a local organisation in Southern Belize, which implemented people-focused conservation and evidence informed conservation in and around terrestrial protected areas in development, management and leadership positions. She is skilled in grant writing, conservation policy, fundraising and leadership in conservation. Kamille is interested in the social dimensions of conservations, an interest that was fostered while pursuing the Cambridge Masters in Conservation Leadership.

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