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Frequently Asked Questions

Green Recovery is the big redesign! It is repairing our world and recovering from environmental damage, to become healthy and resilient. Green recovery is also the process of transforming how we live and interact with each other and our environment so that biodiversity will thrive, the climate will stabilize, and we will be able to adapt to new realities that have resulted from past ways of living. As social and environmental injustices and harms are linked, green recovery is a response to the complex, interconnected woes that affect people and the planet in an urgent mission for a better future.

The Global Green Recovery Collaborative gets people talking and acting together! We aim to promote action and collaboration to achieve a Green Recovery from past and future environmental challenges, including COVID-19.

You can be a part of different types of global action through our Action and Learning Initiatives, share our content on your social media and/or professional platforms, share your content with us, or volunteer with us to help us reach out to the world. You may choose to do all, or just a few, of the listed options. However, any of these can help us on the road to Green Recovery!

It’s easy! Go to our initiatives page and click on Suggest an Initiative. Our team reviews each proposed initiative based on our initiatives guidelines.

Potential initiatives are reviewed twice a month, and new initiatives are posted on a rolling basis. Urgent Action Initiatives may be given priority, but all initiatives will be considered.

All initiatives that are featured on our platform are Learning Initiatives since you can learn from them or educate others. However, Action Initiatives are those that have clear platforms that require action from others and will enable them to engage with that initiative.

We encourage you to create a profile with us and follow our community guidelines. Forms of collaboration available through our Collaborative Platform include:

  • Participating on Discussion Boards.
  • Participating in roundtable talks.
  • Connecting with other members and advisors.
  • Connecting with featured Learning and Action Initiatives.
  • Submitting Guest Blog posts to our team.
  • Volunteering with the Collaborative.

We invite our members to pitch guest blog posts to us. To submit your idea click on the contact form.

The GGRC invites all of our members to join in beginning green recovery topic related discussions. To start a Discussion Board, go to our Discussion Board page and click to fill out a form with your idea. Once this is approved by the GGRC team we will set up the Board and you’re good to go!

We invite our members to share their expertise with one another. Once you register, you will have the option to become an Advisor and assist members of the GGRC community.

If you come across an inappropriate or unlawful post on our platform, please Contact Us

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