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Inspire Together.

What is the GGRC?

The Global Green Recovery Collaborative (GGRC) gets people talking and acting together! We promote action through collaboration to achieve a green recovery from past and future environmental challenges.

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How to Engage

The GGRC aims to be the premier resource on global green recovery where users can not only access information and connect with like minds through dialogue but can also plan and coordinate for collaborative action. Its main purpose is to support collaboration for real change. To get full benefits and access, we recommend you sign-up to become a member of the GGRC (free). We promise an easy sign up process! You are able to contact advisors for information and support and suggest initiatives to be published on the website. Members can also sign up and join the community of GGRC advisors.


Explore Initiatives​

Access initiatives, people, and curated events for knowledge, ideas, and model projects.


Join the Discussion​

Connect with initiatives, advise fellow GGRC members, join discussions, and write blogs


Co-Develop Solutions

Team-up with GGRC members, co-develop solutions, grow your network, share resources, and form coalitions.

Our expected impacts

Increased motivation and awareness raising

People worldwide are motivated to continue on a green recovery path and realize why protecting the environment is as important as growing economically

Capacity strengthening

Conservation professionals and the public have an enhanced capacity to contribute to green recovery by being able to share motivation, resources, lessons learnt and opportunities.

Environmental recovery

Increased healing of the environment and biodiversity worldwide is achieved through reduced threats, enhanced policies, redirection of funds, and equally represented communities.

Your expected benefits

Contribute to joint-impacts

Learn how to design green recovery initiatives and give your own contributions. Co-develop solutions and grow your network.

Build your capacity

Exchange information with GGRC members, seek advice from our network of advisors and improve your skills, experiences and green recovery initiatives.

Recover together

Help nature recover and in the process improve your own health and wellbeing.

Explore Initiatives for green recovery from around the world

Upper Karnali Landscape Initiative

Biodiversity conservation, Promote the rights of nature, Promote resilience.
East & South Asia

The United African Farm initiative uniting, empowering and providing opportunities to African Migrant through Food and Culture

Protect and connect migratory routes, Promote sustainable agriculture and food systems, Improve human livelihoods, health, and wellbeing.
The United African Farm

Expanding Legal Protections for Climate-displaced Persons

Promote climate security and climate justice, Reform laws and legislation, Improve human livelihoods, health, and wellbeing, Support action, advocacy and campaigns for change, Connect people who are working for change.
ICAAD (International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination)


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