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What is Green Recovery?

Green recovery is the process of transforming how people live and interact with each other and our environment so that biodiversity will thrive, the climate will stabilize, and people and wildlife will be able to adapt to new realities that have resulted from past ways of living.

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What is the Global Green Recovery Collaborative?

The Global Green Recovery Collaborative gets people talking and acting together! We aim to promote action and collaboration to achieve a green recovery from Covid-19 and other past and future environmental challenges. Learn from our partner initiatives and become a member to connect with the GGRC community.

Why should I join?

We need diverse voices to speak up for green recovery at every level. When you join our collaborative, you join local and global communities who are learning, collaborating, and taking action together for change.

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Do you need specific advice on green recovery, subjects related to green recovery or on your own initiative? Some of the GGRC members who have signed up as an advisor may help you

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Latest News

Green recovery stimulus packages needs to be equitable by supporting indigenous and low-income communities.