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Jacaranda Foundation
lasted updated on April 22, 2023

Jacaranda School: Leading for a Green Community & Literacy in Malawi

Jacaranda School in Malawi hosts the Green Community Program, where students engage in ecosystem restoration and learning environmental leadership as a component of school projects. These include the Jacaranda School Luc’s Libraries project. The libraries project is creating new community and school libraries across Malawi to enhance academic performance. At the opening celebration of each new library, children and teachers plant indigenous tree seedlings donated by Jacaranda School, while other children sing songs they wrote about Mother Nature and Green School Communities. Jacaranda School partners with the Malawi Ministry of Education on this program, and monitors the long term care of the new trees, while donating additional seedlings over the years. Recently, Jacaranda School also launched an Ambassadors program, through which Jacaranda’s recently graduated students volunteer in schools that have participated in the library program. The Jacaranda alumni support co-curricular activities they had access to during their years of studies at Jacaranda School, including environment programs such as tree planting, permaculture, and recycling. The alumni help younger children from the community, as well, sharing the Green Community Programs of Jacaranda with them.

GGRC Priorities: Protect and restore healthy ecosystems, improve human livelihoods, health, and wellbeing, support action, advocacy and campaigns for change, promote resilience

Initiative Organizers

Marie Da Silva
Jacaranda Foundation
Luc Deschamps
Executive Director
Jacaranda Foundation
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