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A blog post for the GGRC Platform extends to any form of content, story, article or narrative that effectively communicates a message related to the concept of green recovery. We encourage individuals from all backgrounds and expertise levels to write a blog.  

We are suggesting a blog post template here as a tool to help you simplify the process of creating your blog, if you prefer that. You are also free to personalize it or suggest alternative storytelling formats that best suit your preferences.

Green Recovery for a World in Crisis Leaders Offer Creative Perspectives for our Future

GGRC Staff

Advancing Local Leadership is What We Need for a Green Recovery

Roz Helfand

Toilet paper does grow on trees: Align (Covid-19) economic (recovery) packages with nature and climate outcomes

GGRC Staff

Swimways: a paradigm shift for the protection of highly migratory species

GGRC Staff

Green recovery and community-based monitoring: Los Montes de Maria community association shows us how it is done!

GGRC Staff

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