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Conservation ActionLAB

We prototyped the first Conservation ActionLAB, a “war room” type of space for the UCCLAN to come together in times of conservation emergencies and rapidly design effective advocacy campaigns for civic involvement in decision-making. We exchanged knowledge and completed the design of a campaign for a current emergency, the Andean Chocó Biosphere Reserve threatened by mining in Ecuador.

The contributions of UCCLAN members during the ActionLAB we tested within  a  concrete  conservation  emergency.  The Andean Choco Biosphere Reserve in Ecuador covers more than 100,000 hectares of native forest and diverse climates and geographies. It is a biodiversity hotspot and a place where a large section of the population currently works together to build the shared vision of long-term well-being. Biodiversity and people’s sustainable livelihoods are currently threatened by projects involving the mining of gold and copper, mainly.  Over 12 legal, illegitimate mining concessions exist, other 6 are in the process of being approved, as well as dozens more illegal mining sites. Both types of mineral extraction will inevitably contaminate local land and watercourses. It is a conservation emergency that needs our attention.

GGRC Priorities: Improving livelihoods, Biodiversity conservation, Protect and restore healthy ecosystems, Promote dialogue and knowledge exchange, Connect people who are working for change.

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Carolina Proaño-Castro

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