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Corcovado Foundation
Central America & Caribbean
lasted updated on April 22, 2023

Regenerative Agriculture in Drake Bay — Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

The Regenerative Agriculture in Drake Bay program is strengthening traditional indigenous production systems for food security, biodiversity conservation, and adaptation to climate change. Since April 2020, the Corcovado Foundation has helped communities to plant gardens at their homes or farms in a regenerative way in order to guarantee their sustainability and productivity. The program has had extraordinary effects on the community. Forty-five families are applying their regenerative agriculture training to their lands. They have learned about soils, preparation of cultivation beds, organic fertilizers and repellants, extraction and conservation of seeds, and seedlings preparation.

They are now producing amazing crops, all of them free of deadly chemicals. The Foundation starts by promoting the concept of analog forests to promote land restoration, and how the use of plants can produce income for communities while protecting the structure, composition, and function of the forest. Regenerative agriculture and forest restoration encourage soil restoration practices by using the farm’s resources and reducing greenhouse gas production. Healthier ecosystems and richer biodiversity yield greater benefits such as more fertile soil and better crops, increasing the efficiency of the land used for farming, and reducing the need to keep cutting forests. #regenerativeagriculture #climatechangesolutions #climatesolutions #corcovadofoundation

GGRC Priorities: Promote diversity, equity, justice and inclusivity, improve human livelihoods, health, and wellbeing, protect and restore healthy ecosystems

Initiative Organizers

Zoraida Tenorio
Volunteer Coordinator
Corcovado Foundation
Francisco Delgado
Program Coordinator
Corcovado Foundation
Alejandra Monge
Executive Director
Corcovado Foundation
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