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Building a Global Community of Young Leaders

EarthCorps envisions a global community of leaders who create a world where people and nature thrive together. It’s mission is to develop leaders to strenghten community and restore the health of our environment. EarthCorps promotes four key values:

1) Integrity: EarthCorps has an obligation to the community, the environment and ourselves.

2) Sustainability: EarthCorps is passionate in it’s belief that everyone has a role to play in sustaining the health of our natural systems.

3) Inclusivity: EarthCorps is committed to developing human potential across racial, ethnic, economic, gender, and national lines.

4) Service: EarthCorp’s experience demonstrates that people work best when they are part of teams that foster leadership, support individual empowerment and build community.

EarthCorps is restarting the International Program! The International Program allows our neighbors from our global community to come to EarthCorps and learn from our amazing staff about restoration work. Once they complete this process, they bring their knowledge back and become leaders in their communities! EarthCorps is looking to fill 5 spots to jump start our program again. #Leadership#Restoration#Conservation

GGRC Priorities: Protect and restore healthy ecosystems, improve leadership and guidance, promote dialogue and knowledge exchange, promote resilience, promote climate security and climate justice, protect and restore healthy ecosystems

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