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GGRC UCCLAN Platform Training

July 11, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm PDT

Event Details

This event has already happened on 11 July, 2023. You can view the recording here.

Join UCCLAN members for an Exclusive Virtual Tour and Training for the innovative new platform for conservation collaboration, learning, and action: the GGRC website. In this fun, interactive session, you’ll learn how to maximize the full usage of all of the tools and resources provided!

Led by our GGRC team, this event will provide in-depth training on utilizing each tool effectively, share how you can engage with the team and other members, conduct live demonstrations to ensure hands-on learning, engage in interactive Q&A sessions for personalized guidance.


1. Set up your GGRC Profile.

2. Get familiar with the website’s robust tools for collaboration and communication.

3. Learn how to get featured and contribute content.

#MasteringOurWebsite #VirtualTourAndTutorial #GreenRecovery #Collaborate

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