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lasted updated on September 22, 2022

Chalana Esperançe: Conservation of the Pantanal Biome

Chalana Esperança is a project of the Espaço Silvestre family, founded by four biologists in response to the fires that destroyed 26% of the Pantanal in 2020, killing 17 million animals. The collective provided emergency aid to local and traditional communities from September to November and, later, began working with medium and long-term conservation strategies, through environmental education, support and promotion of ecotourism and capacity building with local communities. The collective had a remarkable performance, especially in the North Pantanal, due to its ability to articulate different entities in a pragmatic way, implementing strategies for the conservation of the fauna and the well-being of the communities. In less than a year since its foundation, Chalana Esperança has mobilized more than 200,000 Reais in direct and indirect collections, all of which are devoted to the conservation of the biome. #chalanaesperanca #Pantanal #salveoPantanal #chalanapelaconservação #chalana

GGRC Priorities: Encouraging diversity and inclusivity, Protecting and restoring healthy ecosystems, Biodiversity conservation, Support action, advocacy and campaigns for change, Promote diversity, equity, justice and inclusivity.

People for initiative

Luciana Leite

General coordinatorChalana Esperanç

Heidegger Nascimento

Communication coordinatorChalana Esperançabiologohei@gmail.comContact

Daniella França

Environmental education coordinatorChalana Esperançadf.moojeni@gmail.comContact
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